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I have seen a lot of people looking for a simple way to create a link on the mysites pages within SharePoint 2007 back to the main portal site.   The issue is that the MySites are in a seperate site collection within the portal, therefore the navigation does not carry over.

Here are a few solutions I have seen:

  1. Write some code and deploy a feature which causes the mysites to use a different master page that has your new link on it.   This is ok, but seems to be troublesome to get working.   It also is overkill when you just want to get a single link back to the portal working.
  2. Use the personalization site links option in the shared services provider administration page to add a link back to the portal.   This does get you back to the portal but has a nasty feature which causes the navigation on your portal to look all screwy.   This wonderful feature is the addition of the MySiteView=1 parameter being tacked to the end of any URL.
  3. Users could create a site portal connection back to the main portal.   But this requires the user to have a good understanding of SharePoint.   Since this is a manual process most end users are not happy with this idea.
  4. Create an automated scheduled process using the SharePoint APIs to automatically add the site portal connection.  (haven’t really looked into this, but I am guessing it would be possible).

So none of those solutions really were simple or gave the results I needed.    I came up with a simple solution that requires just a little bit of work using SharePoint designer.  (download a free trial if you don’t have it).

1. Download the redirect.aspx page located here.

2. Using SharePoint designer import the redirect.aspx page into the root of your Portal.

3. Open up SharePoint central administration and go to the shared services section.

4. Click on the personalization site links option

5. Click new to add a new link back to your portal from the MySites. For the URL enter: http://[servername]/redirect.aspx?URL=http://[servername] (replace [servername] with the name of your portal server)

6. Add a proper description for the link, specify the owner of the link and then click OK.

Go take a look at your mysite and you will now see the link back to your portal. If you do not see the link wait a few minutes and try again. It can take a little while for SharePoint to update the mysite navigation.

A quick warning about this solution: I have only tested this with Internet Explorer. It also requires that JavaScript be enabled on the browser.

I have received feedback that you could also have the redirect code done on the server side so that JavaScript is not an issue.   In that case you would need to take the code behind for the aspx redirect page, compile it with a strong name and deploy it to the server’s GAC  (global assembly cache)

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