SharePoint 2007 Wiki Library Issue

Today I was asked to look into a problem that was occurring in a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 wiki library.   Below I have detailed the specific issue and the steps to resolve it. ?

Newly created wiki pages cannot be edited.  After creating a new wiki page and then returning to edit it the user is presented with a small document properties form instead of the wiki page editor.   Older wiki pages can be edited and appear to work as intended.

The wiki page when created was assigned the wrong content type (most likely document).   The underlying cause as to how this happened is currently unknown.

To fix the issue all existing pages that were created with the document type must be changed to the wiki page content type.   Also the wiki library itself needs to be modified to remove the document content type.

Warning:  The steps below used to fix the issue require directly modifying SharePoint properties using a 3rd party tool.   Make sure you have a full backup of your SharePoint environment before attempting these steps.   Accidentally changing the wrong property within SharePoint Manager 2007 can cause major damage to your SharePoint environment.   I am not responsible for any problems, damages or losses caused by following these instructions.   Proceed at your own risk.

Here are the steps to fix the issue:
1.  Download and install the SharePoint Manager 2007 (SPM) on the SharePoint server.   Run the program.

2.  Navigate to the wiki library using the SPM tree view.   Expand the wiki node and then under it expand the content types node.   You will most likely see 3 content types:  Documents, Wiki Page, and Folder.   If you see this then the following steps can help you resolve the issue;  continue on with step #3.   If you do not see this then the following steps may not resolve your issue.

3. Click on the wiki node and in the right property panel locate the property ContentTypesEnabled.  It will be set to false.  Change that to true and then click on the save button.

4. Open up a web browser and navigate to your wiki page.   Change the default view to include the field ContentType.  After you complete this step you should see the problem pages listed as a content type of “document” instead of wiki page.  ?

5.  Edit the properties of each page that has a content type of document.  Change the content type to wiki page.

6.  Navigate to the site settings of the wiki library.   You should now see a section listing out the content types.   Choose the document content type and then delete it.   If you did not change the content types of the existing pages you may receive an error message.  In that case return to step #5.

7.  Return to the SPM, right click on the wiki library and select refresh.   After a couple minutes SPM will reload all of the properties.

8.  Make sure the wiki library node is selected in SPM and then change the ContentTypesEnabled property in the right panel back to false.   Click the save button.

Once this has been completed all existing wiki pages and all newly created pages should work correctly.

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  1. Sorry about the email addy…no way I””m floating my addy out there for anyone to grab.
    I ran into this issue today. Created a new page, and noticed that a ””Properties”” section had been added to the bottom of the page. I clicked the ””Edit”” button, and all I could do was edit the properties. The content was inaccessible.
    We will try your fix later on, but what I want to know is if MS has any knowledge of the problem and if they have a solution that prevents it.
    Thanks for posting your solution. I””ll edit this comment later to let you know if it helped.
  2. I posted the previous comment, and we did get this fixed using your method. Many thanks for the info!
    There was one minor difference in our situation that is worth mentioning. Our problem was not that the new pages were being created as ””documents””, but were instead showing up as ””welcome pages””. I did not know that these were an actual list type, but once we disabled them, everything went back to normal.
    Thanks again!
  3. Thanks, this was a great help to us. I can inform that the cause to this problem for us was a news article which had been copyed into the wiki library. It changed all new – and edited – wiki pages to article content types.

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