Multi-Page Meeting Workspace – Missing Tabs

Today I had a very interesting situation arise related to SharePoint 2007 mult-page meeting workspaces.    Below is a summary of the problem and how it was resolved.


On a meeting workspace the page tabs are missing and menu items are missing from the site actions menu.


  1. Open up the meeting workspace site in SharePoint designer.
  2. Navigate to the _Catalogs/masterpage folder.
  3. Right click on the default.master file and select Set as Default Master Page.
  4. Right click on the MWSDefault.master file and select Set as Custom Master Page.

More Details:

It turned out the problem was caused when the user went into site settings, selected master page under the look and feel heading and then without making any changes clicked on the OK button.  This caused the custom master page to be set to default.master instead of the mwsdefault.master page required by the meeting workspace. 

This mistake is very easy to make since the mwsdefault.master page is not listed as an option when you are in the site settings.  Since SharePoint is unable to find the mwsdefault.master option in the drop down selection of master pages it automatically defaults to the default.master page.  

To avoid this issue in the future it is recommended that designers are trained to use the cancel button instead of the OK button when leaving a settings page in which they made no modifications.   It is also recommended that the master page link never be used in the site settings section for meeting workspace sites.

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