Windows Live Mesh

Windows Live Mesh is a technical preview peer to peer product for keeping files in synch between multiple devices.     Live Mesh also provides an online desktop that allows you to store up to 5GB of data.  This means you can have your desktop or laptop computer sync files to the online desktop, which gives you access to those files anywhere that you have a web browser and internet access.

One of the features that can be very useful is remote desktop.   This can easily replace costly programs such as GoToMyPC for accessing your work computer from home,  or vice versa.   This remote desktop feature appears to work very well through firewalls and the simple Live Mesh tray icon makes it simple to quickly connect to any PC in your “Mesh” network.

If your friends join Live Mesh you can use it’s peer to peer sync capabilities to automatically keep folders on your computer in sync with folders on your friend’s computers;  all secure.   Remember to respect copyright laws.  :-,,)

I personally have found that in my line of work the remote desktop feature can be very valuable in situations where my clients do not have VPN but I need to have remote access to a desktop PC on their network.    The sync to online desktop feature is also nice so that I always have a 2nd copy of important files just in case my main system has a hard drive failure.

I personally find live Mesh a very cool and useful application.

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