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In Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 there is an option called Manage Checked Out Files in the settings page of a document library.   This title is a bit misleading because that is not exactly what that option allows you to do.

If you choose the manage checked out files option you may notice that the list is empty even though you have documents checked out.   A small bit of text above the list explains the reason:  “Use this page to manage files which have no checked in version”.     This means that if you have versioning turned on and have at least one version of the document checked in the document will not show up in the list even if it is checked out. 

If you want to see all documents in a library that are checked out you can create a custom view with a filter to show only documents where the field “Checked Out To” is not empty.

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  1. How do you “…create a custom view with a filter to show only documents where the field “Checked Out To” is not empty.”?

    I created a page “Checked Out Documents”, and for this page, under Settings > Edit View, I do not see any option (I.e. under Columns) to select anything about Checked Out. It seems the Filter element may allow this, but it uses open fields for the filters rather than specific filters such as “Checked Out”.

    Any help to get this done would be appreciated.

    I””d actually prefer to have a floating desktop widget (I.e. Windows 7 docked bar) which dynamically listed all the docs I have checked out to me.

    Thank you,


    1. @Christopher – In the filter section for the view you would choose the field “Checked Out to” and then the operation would be “is not equal to” and then leave the value box empty. That will show all documents that are checked out.

      If you want to create a view that will show the documents checked out to the user you could set the filter field to “Checked out to” and the operation to “is equal to” and the value field to “[Me]”

      I haven””t seen any Windows 7 widgets for showing checked out documents. That would be a cool part to have.

  2. Hi. how about the other way round.
    I have documents appearing in the Manage Checked Out Items list that when i go to the library they are stored it that document doesn’t even exist or there are now checked out items.

    any Idea?

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