Word XP (2002) issue with a SharePoint 2007 custom document library column

I recently came across a situation related to Word XP and a SharePoint document library that contains custom columns.

The configuration:  The document library contains several custom columns;  most of them being just single line text fields.   There was, however, a few choice columns that were configured as dropdowns.

The issue:  A user checks out a document for editing with Word XP, makes modifications and checks it back in.  The metadata in the choice columns are reset to an empty value instead of holding onto their original values.

The Fix:  This really doesn’t seem to address “why” the issue occurred but once the choice columns were changed from dropdowns to radio buttons the problem disappeared and the the columns retained their proper values.

I would like to hear from anyone who might have additional insight into why this occurs.

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  1. We have similar issue on Office 2003 and choice columns defined as site column (used by content type).
    The problem is very bizarre as on same PC it works fine for some users but not for most (users of same domain).
    We think it started as of CU Dec08…
    Anyone …. ?

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