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While working with a SharePoint document library you may run across a requirement to have a link to a document located someplace else.  Initially this may look to be impossible since the document library holds files only and not shortcuts or links to other locations.

Using the Link to a Document content type that is built into SharePoint you can achieve this functionality.   Once enabled you will see the Link to a Document option appear in the “new” drop down menu for the document library.

To add the content type, go into the document library settings and choose advanced settings.   Set the “allow management of content types?” option to yes and then click ok.   You will now be returned to the settings page for the document library.  You should now see a section on that page titled content types.   Click on the Add from existing site content types link.  From the available site content types list choose link to a document and then click the add button to place it in the right list box.   Click ok to save the changes.

You will now be able to add links to documents in other locations to your current document library by selecting the link to a document option from the new drop down menu.

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  1. Hi MPHacker,

    Sadly, this isn””t very useful. Doing it from the Sharepoint site you need to manually look up the document, copy the link, create a new "Link to a document" item, paste the link and name it. Lets say you want a list with links to documents residing in several different libraries and sub folders. It will be h*ll on earth for the person responsable for updating / creating this "document library with links". I””m looking for a way to automize this without having to create an event listener, which also depends on a configuration saying which document to create a link to. Any ideas?

    Best regards,


  2. This is one area that SharePoint is currently lacking. I wish there was an automated way to manage links to documents in other libraries. So far using event handlers are really are really the only way.

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