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Sogeti has released a new book called Me the Media which can be download for free in PDF format or purchased from

Proclaiming that the rise of Web 2.0 will have an impact as far-reaching as the invention of the printing press or the birth of mass media, a new book titled Me the Media – Rise of the Conversation Society – Past, Present and Future of the Third Media Revolution presents a wide-ranging discussion of how today’s personal media tools are transforming communications as well as other aspects of society – including how companies market their products and services.


A special chapter called The Obama Moment, written by Peter Leyden – former managing editor at Wired magazine and currently CEO of NextAgenda, a think tank on the transformative use of new technologies, addresses the pivotal role of digital media in Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and its ushering in of a new conversational phase in the use of Web media. The 292-page book also covers topics such as:

How ’Me Media’ has displaced the voices of corporations, politicians and traditional journalists, creating the new ’Conversation Society’ in which individuals and ad-hoc communities hold the power.

The emergence of ’Hyperegos’ consisting of individuals, brands, companies, politicians individuals and organizations – well-known through outlets such as CNN’s iReport, iGoogle,iPhone,myBarackObama and YouTube, endlessly hyperlinked through social media, and what that means for businesses and society at large.

The importance of ’crowdsourcing’ as a key 21st century business strategy, presenting opportunities for businesses to make use of ideas flowing from existing and potential buyers through today’s open Web conversations while simultaneously establishing closer relationships with customers.

The way in which virtual worlds like Second Life, mirror worlds like Google Earth and other developments are converging to create a new ’Metaverse’ – a digital extension of the physical universe in which the lines between our online and offline identities will increasingly blur.

The book is filled with examples and graphics that underscore its points, ranging from Dell’s experience with customer forums to discussions of how disparate projects such as electronic design community Crowdspirit, the Obama Girl, LinkedIn, Digg, Twitter, Jaiku, OpenID, the film Waking Life and scores of others reflect and have contributed to altering the balance of power between brands, organizations, politics and the public.

Me the Media was written by Jaap Bloem, Menno van Doorn and Sander Duivestein, all affiliated with new technology analyst VINT ( VINT is the new technology research arm of the Sogeti Group, a provider of professional technology services in 14 countries and a wholly owned subsidiary of Paris Stock Exchange-listed Cap Gemini S.A. VINT is available for speaking engagements on topics from Me the Media. Erik van Ommeren, Director of Innovation at VINT can be contacted for more information around the same.

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