SharePoint 2010 for Laptops Scripts

Not too long ago I jumped in on a debate about running SharePoint 2010 directly on a Windows 7 laptop for development purposes.   One of the main issues with doing this is that all of the services will have a negative impact on the performance of your laptop.   I mentioned that I use a series of PowerShell scripts to enable and disable the services as needed.   With these scripts I can quickly turn off the services when I just want to use my laptop for normal day to day activities.   When I need to do a demo or some development I can run another script to enable all of the services.   Overall this works very well.

The scripts that I am using were written by Emmanuel Bergerat from Microsoft.   I did make a couple of very minor modifications to change the order in which things were being shut down.  

The PowerShell scripts I use are:

config.ps1 – This script should only be run once.  It sets all of the services to manual startup.

start.ps1 – This script starts all of the services required to run SharePoint 2010.

stop.ps1 – This script stops all of the SharePoint 2010 services.

If you would like to give these scripts a try you can download them here:

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