Microsoft DreamSpark

With all of the students returning to high school and college I want to remind everyone of a very generous offer from Microsoft called DreamSpark.

The mission of DreamSpark is simple; it’s about giving students Microsoft professional developer tools at no charge!  With DreamSpark a high school or college student can register to download, free of charge, great products such as Visual Studio 2010 Professional, Windows Server, and SQL Server all for FREE!   This is thousands of dollars worth of professional developer software!

To get started your school or college must register with the DreamSpark program (which is also free) and agree to the terms and conditions of the program.  The school must also be willing to verify the eligibility of students who register on DreamSpark under the specific schools name.

All high schools, vocational, trade, community colleges and universities are eligible to participate.   This is a great program for these education institutions to enable their students to get quality software at no cost!.   There isn’t any reason to not enroll!

To get started, visit the DreamSpark website at

Microsoft also makes other software available to students at deep discounts.  For example you can get a Windows 7 upgrade license for just $29.99…  or how about Office 2010 Professional Academic edition for just $79.95!

Return to school with great software at a great price from Microsoft!

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