Stopping Reply to All with an Outlook 2010 Add-In

In large enterprise environments it is very common to have a set of distribution lists that enable users to communicate across a large group of employees.  One drawback to this is that on many occasions people will respond to an email by clicking reply to all instead of reply.  There are some instances where reply to all is appropriate but in many situations the reply should have only been sent to the original sender.

Microsoft Research has come to our rescue by providing an add-in to Outlook that allows the sender to set a flag on the email that prevents the user receiving it from clicking the reply to all button. 

Add-in buttons

Once installed you will see two new buttons in your Outlook ribbon bar.  One button allows you to enable the no reply all option and a second button allows you to prevent the email from being forwarded.


It is important to understand that this does not implement any rights management functionality.  If a user really wants to forward an email or reply to all they could still accomplish that task by copying the text from the email and placing it into a new email message.

The add-in also checks for common email errors, such as omitting attachments or subject lines.  The add-in will work with both Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007.

Help prevent flooded inboxes today by downloading the NoReplyAll Outlook Add-In from Microsoft Research.

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