Ann Arbor Give Camp

For the 3rd year in a row I participated as a team leader for the Ann Arbor Give Camp.   This year I had the honor of working with a great non-profit organization from Flint, Michigan called C.A.R.E.   C.A.R.E. stands for Citizens for Animal Rescue & Emergencies.   Their mission statement says it all:

“…to help animals with people problems and to help people with animal problems.”  Smile

C.A.R.E. asked us to create a web site so they could improve their lines of communication to the local community in which they serve.   They hope that this additional outlet will allow them to better communicate upcoming events, help increase donations and ultimately help more animals.

The TeamC.A.R.E. is classified as a 501(C) 3 and has been in operation since 1973.   C.A.R.E. primarily helps with medical expenses when the pet’s parents can’t pay.  C.A.R.E. also pays for numerous spay/neuter procedures.  The organization has a pet food pantry to provide temporary assistance to families in need and C.A.R.E. has a small foster care program.

The web site we created was built on DotNetNuke in order to provide them with a simple CMS solution so they can maintain the content on their site without the need of additional developers.   I wish I could post a link to their new site, however, it must first be reviewed and approved by the C.A.R.E. leadership team.  Hopefully the site will be available to the public within the next week or so.

The amazing members of this Give Camp team that made the site possible are:

  • Bruce Eisinger
  • Bob Shank
  • Amy Balzer
  • J.J. Roth
  • …and me,  Mike Hacker

In less than 30 hours this team, which started off as complete strangers, bonded together and created a website that will help this organization for many years to come. 

I would like to thank Angela Alexander from C.A.R.E. for working long hours right along with the rest of the team in order for us to complete the site in just over 24 hours of continuous work. 

For more information on the Ann Arbor Give Camp or the non-profit organizations we helped in 2010 please visit the Give Camp’s website.

We proved that a small group of people can make a big impact in the lives of others.  Just imagine what you could do to help the people in your community.   Take a bit of time and get involved!

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