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It has been some time since I have written a blog post and thought I would explain where I have been.  You see, I recently purchased a new Xbox 360 with Kinect bundle and have become addicted to the games.   Although the games are simple in nature they are great fun.   I believe that Microsoft has hit a home run with this device and the games are much more interactive than anything the WII or PS3 could accomplish.   I own a PS3, WII and an XBOX 360, so these comments are based upon my personal experience with each.

Kinect Adventures which is a game included with the bundle has a series of different mini-games that together make up the adventure or you can choose to play them individually.   When I first saw the demos of Kinect Adventures I was impressed by the technology but thought the game play would be fun for kids but not adults.  I was very wrong, the games turned out to be a lot of fun for everyone.  They are easy enough to learn for smaller children but still fun for adults.    Kinect Adventures really demonstrates the capabilities of Kinect by offering full body games, something that the WII and PS3 can’t do.   With Kinect, if you want to kick a ball you can…  I guess with WII and PS3 you can “hit” the ball with your hand…  uhh, controller… but no kicking.

I also purchased the Kinect Sports game which includes Bowling, Track and Field, Table Tennis, Boxing, Soccer,and others.    Once again these games proved themselves to be very enjoyable.   Each game has a very simple tutorial to introduce you to the concepts and how to play.   I have found playing these games with online players to be great fun (and tiring!).  You have the choice of enabling or disabling voice chat when playing these games;  so if you want a quiet online game you can.   Games such as Table Tennis allow you and a friend to play against two online players.  Kinect does an amazing job at tracking multiple players!

I remember how amazed I was with the WII when I first played it.  Kinect is a giant leap beyond that experience and makes the WII look like a toy.    Both the PS3 and WII require a controller to be held in your hand… which limits motion and game play to that single arm.   Kinect immerses you in the game by allowing you to control gameplay with your full body.   …An experience like no other.    I know my nieces love playing the WII dance games.   They are going to flip out when they get to try Dance Central with Kinect.  Smile

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  1. Mike — I noticed you playing this on XBOX Live the other night. Good to hear the positive review and I””m hopeful that Santa brings Kinect to our house this year.

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