XBOX 360 Kinect: Fastest Selling Gadget in History?

According to an article on readwriteweb the XBOX 360 Kinect device is selling twice as fast as Apple’s iPad, which may make it the fastest selling gadget in history.  In just 25 days Kinect sold 2.5 million devices; it took Apple twice as long to sell it’s 2 millionth iPad.

So with that bit of news, I have a question for you:

Have you purchased or played Kinect yet?  If so, what is your favorite game (and why?).    If you haven’t purchased a Kinect yet do you plan to buy one in the future?

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  1. Hi Mike (nice meeting you the ohter day),

    I have not played with a Kinect yet, but I have one purchased as a family Christmas present. I am also wondering what are some good games! From my research, it seems the Adventure games is a good start!

    1. The Kinect sports is always a good choice. It gives you several fun games, such as bowling, that can be played against other Xbox live subscribers. My niece, however, loves Kinectimals.

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