New WP7 App: Battle.Net Authenticator


A new application has been released for Windows Phone 7 that will make Blizzard gamers very happy.   The WP7 Battle.Net Authenticator allows you to pair your Windows Phone 7 to your Battle.Net account which will add an additional layer of security to prevent account hacking.

From the application’s description:  “This application is not written or endorsed by Blizzard Inc.  The application will not ask for your Battle.Net username or password.  It will download secret keys from Blizzard and store these on the phone.  These keys are never sent from the phone and are only used to generate the authenticator codes required by Battle.Net at login.  Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that this application functions correctly, this application has the potential to lock you out of your Battle.Net account, use at your own risk.”,3832


UPDATE 7/8/2011:  Blizzard has now released the official Battle.NEt Authenticator application:,19127

If you are going to switch to this application you must remove any previous authenticators before adding this one.  If you are using the application above, do not uninstall it until you have removed the authenticator from your account.


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