Develop a Windows Phone government app & win an XBox Kinect!

untitledThe brand new Windows Phone 7 just recently hit the shelves, and already state and local government users are embracing the experience it brings together for both work and play. At the same time, developers are discovering how Windows Phone 7 provides a platform for compelling apps that can work across phone, web, and PC. With this powerful application platform in mind, Microsoft is looking for 50 amazing state and local government apps for Windows Marketplace.

So this week we launched the Microsoft Windows Phone Government Apps Contest for state and local government partners. The contest is an excellent opportunity for all of our partners, developers, and hobbyists to showcase their development skills by creating a Windows Phone 7 application that meets real needs of citizens or government customers. I hope that many of our partners will take advantage of Microsoft’s powerful and familiar development tools that allow developers to create compelling applications for Windows Phone 7, the web, and the PC quickly and efficiently.

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Article written by Kristin Bockius, State & Local Government Social Media Marketing Manager

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