Microsoft @ CES

Microsoft made a brief showing of a “Surface 2.0” device today at CES.   Version 2 is a slim wall mountable device that is built using the largest piece of gorilla glass on any device.   Surface 2.0 utilizes a technology called “pixel sense” which allows the device to see things without using the big cameras that were included in version 1.0 of the device.

You can check out a few photos of the device in action on NeoWin.

Microsoft also showed off a very early build of Windows “Next” which will be supporting “System on a Chip” architecture.  The vision is to combine devices together so that people do not need to carry so many devices when traveling.  Based on early information it looks like Windows “Next” will be focusing on slate devices and other small form factors.

Head over to NeoWin for a few shots of it in action.

If you would like to watch the Microsoft Keynote address at CES tonight @ 6:30pm PST head on over to the Microsoft Facebook page for details.

Visit the Microsoft News Center to watch the Microsoft CES Keynote on-demand and to read about the exciting announcements.

The following updates are from the CES Keynote:

Xbox Spring Update

  • Netflix app will be Kinect enabled
  • Hulu+
  • Avatar Kinect,  a virtual chat room that takes advantage of new facial expression recognition technology in Kinect.

Xbox Stats

  • 30 Million Xbox Live Subscribers
  • New person joins Xbox live every 2 seconds
  • #1 selling console in the U.S. for the past six months.

Windows Phone 7 Update

  • Coming soon:  copy/paste and significant performance improvements when switching apps
  • First half of 2011:  CDMA support
  • Many new Xbox Live games including Fable Coin Golf where the coins you win during this game are added to your character in the Fable Xbox game.   This is really bridging the gap between console and phone gaming.

Windows Phone 7 Stats

  • At launch: 9 phones, 60 operators in 30 countries
  • Over 20,000 developers registered
  • Over 100 new applications submitted per day to the marketplace

Windows PC Stats

  • Windows 7 PCs are the fastest selling computers
  • 7  copies of Windows 7 are sold per second
  • 20% of all PC on the Internet are running Windows 7
  • 20 Million people are running IE 9 beta

Surface 2.0

  • Only 4 inches thick
  • Runs Windows 7
  • PixelSense – Infrared sensors allow the screen to “see”
  • Can now be used not only as a table but as a kiosk on the wall
  • Lower price, smaller form factor really makes it more attractive for general use

Windows “Next”

  • Supports Systems on a Chip
    • Allows full range of Windows capabilities on many devices; x86 and ARM
    • Full high performance Windows capabilities and compatibility with Windows devices

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