The BING Controversy

So over the past couple days the internet has been buzzing with accusations from Google Engineers that BING was somehow copying their search results.   They even traded jabs with Microsoft over twitter in regards to their “proof”.

Today a few new blog posts emerge that better tell the story and also provide a statement directly from Microsoft.    The first blog post titled 20 Google Engineers Prove BING’s Privacy Policy is a great read and really shows the flaws in the Google Engineer’s logic.     I love the first part of the blog post:

Stop me if you’ve heard this one but how many Google engineers does it take to prove something stated in Bing’s privacy policy?

If you answered 20 you’re absolutely correct!

Unfortunately for Google, what they proved is NOT their accusation that Bing is copying Google’s search results.

Microsoft’s Bing Team responded today via their blog post titled Setting the Record Straight stating “We do not copy results from any of our competitors. Period.  Full stop.”    

It is obvious that Google is very worried about BING gaining momentum and they are willing to do anything to protect their territory.   

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  1. Mike, I think your last sentence hits the nail on the head. Google””s actions are obviously those of a company that””s increasingly worried about their dominant position in the market.

    I””m glad you enjoyed our post over at DMM as well. Good to find another person that””s looking past Google””s hype & into the meat of their accusations.

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