Microsoft named as one of world’s most ethical companies

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Microsoft has been listed in a top list of ethical businesses.

The software giant was part of 3,000 companies nominated to be considered for the first annual list of the World’s Most Ethical Companies. The 2011 list contains 110 organizations, the largest since it began in 2007. The list is published by New York based Ethisphere Institute. The company uses in-depth research and multi-step analysis to review the thousands of nominations. The nominees comprise of companies from over 100 countries and 36 industries.

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Microsoft’s inclusion in the list comes at the expense of its rivals Google and Apple. Google’s “Don’t be evil” corporate motto hasn’t helped. Both companies are missing on the industry list.

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  1. Sorry man but I couldn””t help but notice that it””s the firth annual list and according to wiki a firth is a large bay or similar water body. Just to bust your chops a little. Although it is very interesting to see that Microsoft was even in the running whilst Google and Apple are not.

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