T-Mobile HTC HD7 Update

I have successfully updated my T-Mobile HTC device with the February and March updates.  So far I am liking what I am seeing.   The performance is definitely improved, games load considerably faster and all of the applications feel a bit more snappy.

The upgrade was a very simple and painless process.  I received the notification for the update, connected it to Zune and just followed the prompts.   A few minutes later the update was installed and the phone was running great.

Copy and paste is now included which is a nice addition.   Since getting this device many months ago I have only run into a couple times where I wished I could have copy and paste.   Most of the times the phone is smart enough to link information such as addresses, phone numbers, and links to proper applications.   This means that I don’t have to copy and paste, I just tap and get my results.

Overall I am very happy with my HD7 device and I look forward to more great things for this platform.

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    1. Just tap and hold over a word. You will see the copy selectors; slide them to select the word(s) then tap on the copy icon. You paste by tapping in the desitnation location and then tap on the paste icon that displays.

    1. Make sure you have received and installed both updates. The first update does not include copy / paste, it only provides changes that enable future updates to be installed properly. The second update (7390) is the one that provides copy and paste.

      To see what version you have go to settings, about and then tap more info. You will see the OS version number. If you have the copy / paste update it will be 7.0.7390.0. Also note that copy and paste only works in text areas and not with labels. See http://www.microsoft.com/windowsphone/en-us/howto/wp7/basics/copy-and-paste.aspx for more info.

  1. when will the custom ringtone update be available i keep hearing that it should be the next update. thats the only thing that i really need because the current ringtones arent good enough for me i just can never hear them.

  2. I purchase my HTC hd7 but I can””t connected to Zune always say unlocked your phone first.

    How I will unlocked my phone

    1. That message indicates that you have a pin lock on your phone and you need to unlock the phone. Swipe up on the phone screen and then enter in your security pin number.

  3. How do i see a list of JUST phone numbers? I have 400+ facebook friends. the vast majority i do not have numbers for. I just want to see a phone book of available numbers. Is there any way to do this?
    I know that this probably isnt the best place to post this question but im desparate. (I have an hd7 btw..)

    1. I believe as of right now it shows all contacts and not just those with phone numbers. I am not aware of a way currently to filter the list based upon just those with phone numbers. I would head over to http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/winphone and post a question or request for that feature. I know the product team does see the feedback.

    2. You go to settings then swipe to applications scroll down and tap on people you will see an option for Facebook to show all fb friends or just add fb info to only existing contacts hope drove me crazy too!

    1. I am not sure. I haven””t heard anything about this but it doesn””t mean it isn””t in the works. Windows Phone 7 is outside of my area at Microsoft.

  4. i just got the htc hd7 phone and i wanted to know is there anyway i can received custom ringtone to my phone or is there any update on it yet.

    1. Congrats on the new phone! Custom ringtones will be coming in the next update. Do a search on “wp7 mango” and you will see lots of news about that update.

  5. On the next update, if i””m not asking for too much, can you make it to where you can download ringtones & set them for incoming calls & text messages. Otherwise, the phones really great. I love it.

  6. Im sorry i dont understand how to update my HD7. Its been telling me 2 months now that there is Update available and to connect it to my PC but when i do NOTHING happens, Please help Sincerly Shay*

  7. Shayla, connect your phone to your PC. This should launch Zune. Go to the settings option (upper right) and then select phone (below the settings heading on left). Click on the Update option in the left menu. Zune should check for updates for your phone and then provide the option to update. Make sure you have a fully charged phone and you can spend at least 30 minutes (maybe more) updating the phone.

  8. I am a very senior citizen who is trying to update my HTC HD7. I have read everything that you all have posted and I am still in the dark. Could you please give me the senior citizen””s guide for aged dummies on how to update my cell phone. And I mean keep it very, very simple and step by step. DO NOT presuppose I know anything about updating my phone, cause I sure don””t. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for any help you can give me. What is Zune and why do I need it? I don””t put music on my phone, I don””t access the internet at this time. I just call and text. Yes, I am a technical dinosaur, but my husband is even worse. We remember using the phone on the wall in the wooden case that you turned a crank to get the operator!

    1. HURRAH!! I am updated with your terrific help. Even dinosaurs can adapt. Have a wonderful Christmas and all the blessings of the New year.
      Thanks again

  9. Hello Pat,
    The Zune software is not just for loading music on to your phone. It also allows you to copy the pictures and videos you may take down to your computer. It also is the software used for updating the phone.

    Microsoft has a good set of steps at the link below for updating your phone.


    Read the list of steps along the right side of that page. You can also click on each step for additional information.

    Hopefully that will help get you going. 🙂

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