New Features Coming to SharePoint 2010 SP1

Recently the Microsoft SharePoint product team announced that SharePoint 2010 service pack 1 will be released late in June 2011.    This update will not only include the expected stability, performance and security enhancements but also a few new features.  

SharePoint’s recycle bin has always been a key feature for disaster recovery.  Yes, when a user accidentally deletes a document or list item it is a disaster to them!  One shortcoming of this feature is that the recycle bin does not protect sites or site collections.   If a site owner clicks the approximate 5 times to delete their site then it is gone forever;  including all of the content.   You would be surprised at how many times users have confirmed multiple times to delete a site and then after it is deleted they are surprised that all of their content is gone.  New in SharePoint 2010 SP1 is the Site Recycle Bin.  This feature will enable self-service recovery of site collections and sites which is very similar to the way users currently recover items from the existing recycle bin.

As a site collection owner it is important to have insight into the storage used by the documents and lists within your sites.  Managing site growth with respect to an administrator defined quota became a bit more difficult in SharePoint 2010 when the storage space allocation feature was removed.   The good news is that the storage space allocation feature has been improved and will be back in SP1.   This update will enable site collection owners to have a better understanding of their storage usage and helps them take action to clean up content from their site.

The third new feature announced for SharePoint 2010 SP1 is shallow copy which improves the performance of moving site collections between content databases when using remote blob storage.   This new feature can greatly reduce the time it takes to perform this administrative function.

As we get closer to the release of SP1 for SharePoint 2010 you can expect the SharePoint product group to release more information and insight into the new functionality and specific fixes.   Keep an eye on their blog for more details.

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