Microsoft Government Solutions

Did you know that Microsoft and our partners offer pre-packaged solutions for State and Local Governments?   When most people think of Microsoft they immediately think about our individual product lines.  They don’t realize we also provide some great solutions and solution accelerators that can help reduce costs and time in developing and deploying these specialized solutions.   To help bring more awareness to these great solutions I have added a new section on my blog called “Gov Solutions”.   This section highlights some of the great State and Local Government solutions built on the Microsoft platform (Windows Server, SharePoint, Dynamics, Azure, etc…).   Some of these solutions are only available from our partners and others are available to download for FREE.

One specific solution I would like to highlight is the Microsoft Disaster Response Portal built on the Windows Azure platform.  The Microsoft Corporate Disaster Response Team developed this solution and it was deployed to support relief efforts after the Category 5 tornado struck Joplin, Missouri in May.  There is no cost to setup this portal and you are only billed based on the Windows Azure usage model.  This is a great solution for State and Local Governments to have at the ready so they can provide mass communications and collaboration between governments, inter-government agencies, non-profit organizations and citizens in case of an unfortunate disaster in their area. 

Other solutions I have highlighted in the Gov Solutions section include:

  • spotlightonspend
  • Microsoft Grants Manager solution accelerator
  • Microsoft 311 Citizen Services solution accelerator
  • Microsoft TownHall
  • Microsoft Fusion Core Solution
  • Microsoft Investigation 360
  • Offender360
  • SAVIN360

So head on over to the Gov Solutions section and check out all of the great solutions for State and Local Government.

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