Ann Arbor Give Camp 2011

This past weekend I once again participated in the Ann Arbor Give Camp.  The Give Camp is an annual event where developers, designers, and writers come together for 2 days to help local non-profit organizations with basic IT needs such as an Internet presence and/or data management.

logo1-300x168This year I was asked to be the team leader on a web redesign project for the Livingston Area Council Against Spousal Abuse (LACASA).  LACASA had a web site that was hand coded and difficult for them to update.  Each time they wished to make any modifications to their site they had to ask an external consultant to make the changes.   This meant that LACASA was unable to have frequent or prompt updates to their web site.  They were also being forced to spend their limited funds on web updates instead of being able to use that money for those in need.

The goal of the LACASA web site redesign team was to provide them with a new website that they could update themselves.  To accomplish this goal the team decided on using WordPress as the content management system that would power the new web site.

The LACASA team consisted of 7 individuals, including the LACASA marketing directory, Robin O’Grady.  Robin provided oversight and guidance to ensure that the site that was being created would meet their needs.

Maria Stuart, who sits on the LACASA board, wrote a great article about the event which was posted over on the LivingstonTalk website.   The LACASA team also received a bit of recognition Monday on the WHMI morning show where they ran an interview with the Give Camp organizer, Michael Eaton, along with myself and LACASA representative, Robin O’Grady.

You can take a look at the new LACASA web site here:

The Give Camp is always looking for volunteers to help with these great projects.  If you are interested, please visit the official Ann Arbor Give Camp website.

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