Office 365 Trust Center

A lot of updates and new information has been rolling out of Microsoft related of Office 365.  The latest is an updated Trust Center where you can learn about security and privacy measures employed in Office 365.

On the trust center you will find detailed information on the Office 365 Trust Principles, which include:

  • Your Privacy Matters
  • Leadership in Transparency
  • Independently Verified
  • Relentless on Security

If you have questions about data portability and usage, you will find it on the Trust Center.  If you want to learn about compliance with industry standards, you will find it on the Trust Center.

Brendon Lynch, Chief Privacy Officer for Microsoft, has also written a blog post that introduces a new white paper that details privacy safeguards in Office 365.  Check out the blog post over on the Microsoft on the Issues site.

When looking for an online productivity service provider you need to take security and privacy very serious.  With the Trust center and the privacy white paper you can see how Microsoft will protect your organizations data and privacy while providing the most popular business productivity software in the world.

If you have questions about Office 365, please reach out to your local Microsoft account team.  You can also sign-up for a free trial of Office 365 by visiting

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