SharePoint 2010 with SQL Server 2012

Update Note (04/12/2012):  Updated information for using SharePoint 2010 with SQL Server 2012 is posted here

With the RC0 release of SQL Server 2012 I have been seeing more and more people interested in testing it with SharePoint 2010.  If you attempt to install SharePoint 2010 with a SQL Server 2012 database you may receive an error message related to a missing stored procedure.

SQL Server 2012 removed the system stored procedure sp_dboptions.   This is a required stored procedure for installing SharePoint 2010 RTM.  Service pack 1 for SharePoint 2010 does eliminate the dependency for the sp_dboptions stored procedure.

To install SharePoint 2010 on SQL 2012 you will need to ensure that you have the SharePoint 2010 with Service Pack 1 installer or you will need to slipstream the service pack so that it is included in the RTM build of SharePoint.

Check out the following blog post if you need instructions on how to slipstream a service pack into the SharePoint 2010 RTM.

Update 04/06/2012:  Check out the TechNet article for configuring SQL 2010 with SharePoint 2010 for AlwaysOn availability groups.

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    1. Those aren”t SQL backup files but database- and log files. Just attach them using Management Studio. This will only work if they origin from the same or an older version of SQL Server than the one you are attaching them to.
      If they have any users that you want to keep in them, you also need to create logins for those users first – otherwise they will be orphaned. Orphaned users can be reunited with their parents using the stored procedure sp_change_users_login.

  1. We are planning to upgrade our environment in SQL from 2008 to 2012….for SharePoint 2010.
    So want to know
    1) it should be Upgrade?
    2) it should be Miragation?
    3) Whats the impact on SharePoint 2010?
    4) If there is any impact then any solution for that?

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