San Diego County Expects Annual ROI from E-Case File System to Exceed 100 Percent

Like most administrative offices in most county governments throughout the United States, the Juvenile Justice agencies in San Diego County all run on paper—a million pieces of paper, all of which have to be created, copied, distributed, filed, and retrieved by hand. To help their employees work more efficiently and effectively, these agencies are replacing that paper with a digital library and workflow management solution based on Microsoft technologies. The result: attorneys glean better insights from their cases while spending less time reviewing them. Within the District Attorney’s Office, greater flexibility to assign cases boosts attorney productivity by 14 percent. Support staff productivity is up 50 percent. And the tangible return on investment, across the Juvenile Justice agencies, is expected to be more than 100 percent.

Read more about how San Diego County built their solution on SharePoint 2010.

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