SLG Summit–The New Office, Follow-Up

This week I delivered a presentation titled “The new Office” at the State and Local Government Virtual Summit.  Due to the length of the presentation I did not have time to answer any of the questions submitted.   Below are the question I received and the responses.

On our 365 portal we still only have the option for "Office 2010 Professional". Is there something we need to do?

Current Office 365 customers will be upgraded to the next version of Office 365 starting in the next couple months.  Once your Office 365 tenant has been upgraded you will have access to install Office 365 Professional Plus (the full Office 2013 clients). See this blog post for more information.

What”s the biggest difference between Office Online & Google Docs?

Office 365 enables users to have access to both the full Office client and the companion Office Web Apps.  This allows users to work both offline and online based upon their specific needs.  We do not force you into a one size fits all situation.   Office also ensure that documents maintain their full fidelity when being round tripped through the Office Web Apps.  Unfortunately Google Docs cannot guarantee that your document formatting will be maintained and that you will not experience data loss.   See the Word Web App vs. Google Documents example or the Why Microsoft site.

How do you access Office 2013 if the internet is down or not available? Is there an offline setting?

Once you fully install Office 2013 on a computer you can use it both online and offline.  When you are offline the Office clients will not be able to sync any settings changes or recent file usage until you connect back up to the internet.   If you have an Office 365 subscription and are online, you can use the Office Web Apps for in browser viewing of documents and editing.

Streaming Office looks really cool! Can I push office out to all my organizations users and have it install with the streaming method?

Yes, you can push out Office 2013 using the streaming method with your standard software deployment tools such as System Center.

Instead of a Bing map would it be able to pull up a GIS map from our internal GIS software? (referring to the new application development model shown during the presentation)

The Bing maps application was just one of many Office application samples.  Customers or partners are able to build their own Office applications using standards such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  Using the new development model you could utilize integrate internal GIS software capabilities with Office 2013.

Will Outlook 2013 be compatible with Exchange 2003?

No, Outlook 2013 will not support Exchange 2003.

What versions of Windows is supported for Office 2013?

Windows 7 and Windows 8

Is Office 365/2013 currently available for Mac OS X?
Office for Mac is not available currently during the Office 365 preview. 

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