Office 365: Office On Demand

In a previous blog post I discussed the new Office 365 Professional Plus product included in some of the Office 365 subscriptions.  In this post I am going to discuss an additional capability included in some of the Office 365 subscriptions called Office On Demand.

Office On Demand is a feature that enables a user to have almost immediate access to a temporary deployment of an Office 2013 application.  This feature is useful to a person who might need to work with an Office document but is at a PC that doesn’t have Office installed.

When Office On Demand is used it will download and launch a onetime use version of an Office product.  The user can take advantage of the full Office product, including all of its features, during the session.  Once the user closes the application it will no longer be available on the computer.

Office on Demand does not perform a traditional installation of the product.  It stores necessary files in a temporary files folder and will not make modifications to the computer’s registry.  Once the Office on Demand application is closed, the temporary files will be cleaned up based on Internet browser settings.

Below is a brief webcast that demonstrates the Office on Demand capabilities.

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