Office 365 Resources Update and WP8 App

One of the features I have had on this blog for some time is the resource directory.  This is one of the most popular features for my visitors and customers as it contains a set of managed links to content related to Microsoft’s productivity software.  Unfortunately due to a very busy schedule over the past few months I did not keep up with all of the changes happening with Office 365.  So to get caught back up I recently validated the links, added new content, and created a new layout for the resources directory.  I also plan to make more additions and modifications over the coming weeks.   Hopefully the information you find in that section of the blog will be useful.  If you have suggestions for additional content, please contact me or leave a comment on this article.

As many people have noticed, Office 365’s update cycle is moving at a very quick pace where feature updates and other major updates occur on a quarterly basis and minor updates occur monthly.  To help keep up with all of the new features and updates I have created a simple Windows Phone 8 app to pull information into a single location.  The app called Office 365 Resources can now be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store.  This app consolidates content from a few different Microsoft blogs and makes it easy to share the content with others.   Also included in the app are links to the service descriptions, security white papers, and privacy information for Office 365.

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