Office 365 Resources Windows Phone App Updated

The Office 365 Resources Windows Phone app is a simple but very useful application to help keep IT managers and staff up to date on Office 365 news.  The application pulls together information and posts from Microsoft official blogs, web sites, community and also from Twitter to provide a one stop shop for all of the latest Office 365 updates.

Today a new update for this free app was published to the Windows Phone store.  Recent updates include:

  • Resolved font color issue which made seeing the app logo difficult on the phone’s start screen
  • Based on feedback, I replaced the social sharing capabilities with simple email sharing
  • Added small default article icons to any article that does not have one included with the article
  • Upgraded a supporting library that helps render article HTML more accurately
  • Cleaned up some application options that were not very user friendly or useful
  • Added a new Twitter feed panel that pulls in 50 of the latest posts on Twitter related to Office 365
  • Replaced the start splash screen with a new image
  • Modified the font sizes in the application for easier viewing and better word wrapping
  • Added article post dates in the blog post article summary panels

You can download this free app here.


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