Office 365 News and Resources

Over the past weekend I started working on a little project to help consolidate some of the most important Office 365 news into a single web location.  I wanted to take the basic concept I used for the Office 365 Resources App for Windows Phone and build upon it to include information from more sources across the Internet.

I will admit that I was being selfish when I created this.  I wanted something I could glance at each morning to quickly get caught up on all of the internet buzz related to Office 365.  I think this web app is a great start.  Check it out by clicking on the news link in the top menu or by directly going to

Over time I will be adding (and removing) sources that are aggregated into the single view.  I also have some plans for additional data sources.  If you have a suggestion for a blog site that should be included, send me a message via the Contact me form.  My goal is to only include content sources that are primarily focused on Office 365, do not contain profanity or offensive content, and are not commercial blogs for advertising.

Let me know what you think!

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