County of Los Angeles Selects Microsoft Office 365 for Government

Today Microsoft has announced that the County of Los Angeles is moving over 100,000 users to Microsoft Office 365 for government.  As part of the deployment, LA County will roll out the solution across more than 30 different departments to unify platforms, enable mobilization and collaboration among staff, and address critical security compliance standards and regulations.

By moving to Microsoft Office 365, LA County is reducing costs and becoming more productive, efficient and modern at the same time.   CJIS and HIPAA compliance were two of the top reasons that LA County selected Microsoft Office 365.  No other cloud productivity solution can match what Microsoft has to offer from a cloud privacy and compliance perspective. California is leading the way in utilizing cloud solutions, and LA County is the latest in a series of California municipalities to choose Microsoft and Office 365.

For more information, check out the Microsoft press release and a special blog post.

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