Enterprise Mobility Suite Overview

Earlier this month I did a one hour webcast for the Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite which you can now view using the link below.  The suite is a collection of three products offered at a very affordable price: Microsoft Intune, Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium, and Microsoft Azure Rights Management service.  The Enterprise Mobility Suite enables organizations to manage devices, protect data, and empower users through self service identity features.

Click here to view the presentation

7 thoughts on “Enterprise Mobility Suite Overview”

    1. Wow… somehow I totally missed seeing this question. In the Resource Directory drop down at the top of this site there is a section called SLG Events. All of the presentations are available there. Remember that some of this content is starting to get a bit dated. Azure is constantly evolving so some of the content may no longer be relevant. The best place to get the latest information is either through the official Microsoft websites or by asking your Microsoft account rep.

      1. Thanks for getting back to me. The content will be really useful for me. I do understand that some information may be slightly out of date but I still think it is a great resource.

  1. Hi Mike – nice presentation, this is good start for me, is there a way to access the slide decks? At this point, I can event get anything from the link provided

    Do you have a copy of the slides and wanted to make a run thru to all of those



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