Hybrid Azure RemoteApp Demo

Tonight I recorded a short (24 minute) video that demonstrates a hybrid scenario with Azure RemoteApp.   Check out the video here.

Scenario summary
I have an Access database that is being used as a front end to data in a SQL Server database.  Currently this solution is hosted on-premises.   A new requirement has been raised that requires access to this Access database from multiple device types (iOS, Android, Windows) and multiple locations.  The SQL Server cannot be moved to Microsoft Azure at this time.

The solution
A hybrid Azure RemoteApp solution enables the organization to publish the Microsoft Access software to users on almost any device and give them access from any location with an Internet connection.   The hybrid configuration enables the Access database running in an Azure RemoteApp collection in a Microsoft datacenter to securely access on-premises resources;  in this case the SQL Server database.  Azure Active Directory is used to authenticate users as they log into the RemoteApp client.  The RemoteApp client will only show application collections that have been published to the user.

Technologies used in this demonstration
Azure Active Directory
Azure Storage and Files
Azure RemoteApp
Azure Virtual Network with Site to Site VPN
Microsoft Access
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Routing and Remote Access Service
Windows Active Directory
Windows Active Directory Logon Script

If you have any questions about this demonstration or the configuration of the environment, leave them in the comments section.


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