Azure VidMan Demo

Several months ago I was speaking with some of my co-workers at Microsoft about how to demonstrate specific capabilities within Microsoft Azure.  One feature that we all agreed was not simple to demonstrate to our customers was Azure Media Services.  Out of that conversation came an idea to build a simple web application to demonstrate the encoding and delivery of on-demand video using Azure Media Services… this is when Azure VidMan was born.

Azure VidMan is a MVC web application I built using C# and hosted on virtual machines inside of a Microsoft Azure Government datacenter.   This is a demo application and was not built to showcase best coding practices and has not been reviewed for security issues.  This application was built on my own time and is not endorsed or supported by Microsoft.

Today I am making the source code for this demo application available.  My hope is that it will provide a starting point for learning how to interact with Microsoft Azure Media Services.

Terms of use:  By downloading the source code you agree to the following.  The source code may be compiled and used for non-production, educational use only.  The source code is offered as-is with no warranty or support.    The developer of this source code will not be liable for any damages, physical or monetary, as a result of the use or misuse of the source code.   In other words, you are on your own.

There are some open source jQuery components used in the application.  Ensure that you do not violate the terms of those components.  The README.TXT document included in the zip file provides a link to the jQuery components used.

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