StorSimple On-Premises Virtual Array Preview

Getting started with hybrid storage is now a lot easier with the recent preview release of the StorSimple on-premises virtual array.  Now small or medium businesses have a very affordable option for meeting their on-premises storage needs. This new virtual appliance is also great for larger organizations that want to explore hybrid storage.

This virtual appliance can be run in any on-premises datacenter that has either Hyper-V or VMWare hosts available. A single on-premises StorSimple virtual array can manage up to 20TB of hybrid storage. There is a requirement that at least 10% of the overall storage is on-premises. The host must also provide 4 cores and 8GB of RAM to the virtual appliance.

Today I have posted a quick introduction video that shows how you could quickly get started with an on-premises StorSimple virtual array.


For more information on Azure preview services, including the StorSimple virtual array, visit the Microsft Azure services preview site.

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