Azure VidMan Source

A while back I made a post detailing a  demonstration web application I created for Azure Media Services called Azure VidMan.   At that time I released the source code via a zip file.  

Since then I have been working to fix some issues and move from an IaaS model to fully PaaS model.   Some of the updates include:

  • Added the ability for an administrator to start a live broadcast using the Azure Media Capture Windows Phone app.
  • Modifications so there isn’t a dependency on a full install of SQL Server.  This enables the application to run in a fully PaaS model.
  • Created an Azure PowerShell script to automatically deploy Azure VidMan in an Azure US Government subscription.
  • CSS updates to improve UI when on a mobile device.

Today I am glad to announce that I have moved the application to GitHub where you can download the latest code.

Future updates to the code will include adding additional PaaS features such as utilizing Azure Keyvault for holding the database connection string.  I will also be working on a more generic install script to work across all Azure regions.

Remember this is a demonstration application only and may contain bugs or security holes.  Do not use this in a production environment.

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