ARM In Azure US Government

Yesterday afternoon Microsoft deployed providers for several Azure Resource Manager (ARM) services into all Azure US Government regions.  These new providers enable users to create and manage ARM storage, networking, compute  and data resources through Azure PowerShell.  Support for these new resource providers will be enabled in the Azure preview portal at a future date.

With this latest update the following ARM features have been enabled:

Compute (PowerShell)

  • Virtual Machines
  • Service Fabric

Networking (PowerShell)

  • Application Gateway
  • ExpressRoute
  • Load Balancer
  • Virtual Networks
  • VPN Gateway
  • Network Security Group

Data & Storage

These providers work hand in hand with the previously deployed ARM infrastructure which enables resource groups, tagging, templates and role base access control.

It is expected that additional resource providers will be deployed over the coming months which will enable even more capabilities in Microsoft Azure US Government regions.  To view the resource providers currently available in Azure US Government you can run the following PowerShell command: 
Get-AzureRmResourceProvider –ListAvailable

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