New features in Microsoft Azure Government

Over the past several days, Microsoft has released multiple new features into the Microsoft Azure US Government regions.  Below are the highlights.

New Portal – Generally Availability
The new portal which enables access to Azure Resource Manager (ARM)  features such as role based access control, tagging, resource groups and new IaaS resources is now generally available.  You can access the new portal at

Azure App Services – Generally Availability
Azure App Services provides developers a platform to build, deploy and run powerful web and mobile applications.  Included in this release are Web Apps, API Apps, and Mobile Apps.   Additional details can be found on the Azure Government blog.

Log Analytics and Microsoft Operations Management Suite Portal – Generally Available
Log Analytics is a service in Operations Management Suite (OMS) that helps you collect and analyze data generated by resources in your cloud and on-premises environments. It gives you real-time insights using integrated search and custom dashboards to readily analyze millions of records across all your workloads and servers regardless of their physical location.  You can read more about OMS on the Azure Government blog.

Azure SQL Data Warehouse – Generally Available
Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a cloud-based, fully managed database capable of processing massive amounts of data, both relational and non-relational. Built on our massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture, SQL Data Warehouse allows you to manage your data quickly and flexibly.  Additional details on the Azure SQL Data Warehouse can be found here.

SQL Server Stretch Database – Generally Available
SQL Server Stretch Database part of SQL Server 2016 that allows you to selectively, securely and transparently migrate your on-premise cold or historical data, to Azure. Allowing you to free up disk space and reduce your enterprise storage costs, without impacting your existing business operations and applications. It allows you to take on that journey to the cloud, on your terms.  Additional details on SQL Server Stretch Database can be found here.

Azure Blueprint Program
Azure Government Engineering is pleased to announce the initial release of the Azure Blueprint program! The program is designed to facilitate the secure and compliant use of Azure for government agencies and third-party providers building on behalf of government.  Details of this new program can be found here.

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