Azure Marketplace with ISV Solutions in Azure US Government

Microsoft has just announced the general availability of the Azure Marketplace for Microsoft Azure US Government regions.

Microsoft has partnered with some of the top ISVs to provide Azure  US Government customers with more options for finding the right solutions and quickly spinning up applications that suit their needs. Azure Marketplace is your online store for Virtual Machine images, VM extensions, and more that enable ISVs to offer pre-configured, Azure certified software to customers on the Azure US Government cloud.

To find out how to provision an image, check out the Azure Marketplace for Government technical documentation, here. We are constantly adding new images and services, so check back often if you don’t see the solution you’re looking for! You can see the full list of images available in Azure Government here.

Over the past week the following solutions have been made available in the Azure Marketplace for US Government regions:

If you are an ISV or software partner that would like to publish your images, check out this blog post on the Azure Government blog.

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