Cisco CSR1000V in Azure US Government Regions

Microsoft recently announced that the Cisco CSR1000V is now available in the Azure US Government regions.

Cisco CSR1000v provides best in class routing capabilities that support full path encryption with the strongest cipher suites available in the market, L4-L7 firewall capabilities and L7 visibility and control. Using Cisco CSR1000v in concert with the Azure Government Cloud delivers on the value proposition of ensuring Government data receives the protection of Cisco’s security capabilities in the Azure cloud environment they trust.

Because Cisco CSR1000V runs full featured Cisco IOS-XE, management of CSR1000V simply becomes another location inside an already deployed Cisco based network and plugs in easily to existing management tools and operations.

How to Deploy Cisco CSR in Azure Government
Go to the solution templates for 2-NIC and 4-NIC Cisco CSR1000v in Azure QuickStart Repo on Github, found at the links below. They can be found by searching for Cisco CSR1000v, or clicking below. They can be found by searching for Cisco CSR1000v, or clicking below. For step by step deployment instructions for solution templates from Github in to Azure Government Cloud, see our technical documentation.

How Does Licensing the CSR 1000V Work on Azure Government Cloud?
If you want to connect your enterprise network to Azure the CSR 1000V supports Bring Your Own License (BYOL).  This means you buy a license from Cisco or a partner and install that license to the CSR 1000V running on Azure Government Cloud.

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