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Virtual Azure Gov Discovery Day

Put the cloud to work for you. Join us as we explore how your agency can achieve more while helping stay compliant and secure with Microsoft Azure Government. You’ll hear from industry leaders, analysts, and experts over the course of eight sessions designed to help you modernize your agency and kick off your digital transformation.

Don’t miss the Virtual Azure Gov Discovery Day on April 25th at 12:00 PM ET/9:00 PT.

Video: Use max VHD sizes with Azure Virtual Machines

One benefit of moving to Microsoft Azure is that you only pay for the resources that you use.   To optimize costs, I frequently see customers trying to figure out what size data disks they should create when building a new Azure Virtual Machine.

Microsoft Azure makes this very simple.  Always create the maximum size data disks, which is approximately 1TB.  When using a Windows Server 2012 or higher virtual machine you will only ever pay for the storage used and not the total amount of storage allocated for the data disks.

Mark Russinovich provides a great technical overview on how this works in this video.

New Role at Microsoft

Yesterday I accepted a new position at Microsoft as an Azure Technical Solutions Professional in the state and local government team for the central region of the United States.   Over the next few months you will see a small change in focus on this blog from just Office 365 to more general cloud topics.   If you have suggestions for blog posts you can reach me here.