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Microsoft Solutions for State and Local Governments

Microsoft makes available many great solutions and starter kits for State and Local Governments.   Below I have highlighted several of these great solutions and have provided links where you can find more information or in some cases download the solution or starter kit.

Microsoft Disaster Response Portal

The Microsoft Disaster Response Portal leverages the cloud to provide mass communications and light collaboration between governments, inter-government agencies, non-profit organizations, and citizens during natural disasters.  The Microsoft Corporate Disaster Response Team developed this solution and it was deployed to support relief efforts after the Category 5 tornado struck Joplin, Missouri in May.   This solution is offered on a “pay as you go” model using Windows Azure.  This means that there isn’t a cost for the actual solution and you only are billed when you activate the Microsoft Disaster Reponse Portal.  For more information on this solution or to schedule a demonstration please reach out to your Microsoft Account Manager or visit


…is a managed service that enables public bodies to effortlessly publish complex financial information so that it can be easily accesed and consumed by citizens.  spotlightonspend enables public bodies to deliver meaningful spend transparency without the need to add to the workload of the current staff or increase headcount.   spotlightonspend is a service provided on the Microsoft platform by our partner Spikes Cavell.    Website:

Microsoft Grants Manager solution accelerator

A solution built upon Windows Server, SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Windows Azure that streamlines the grants process from initial solicitation through approval and awards.  The solution helps you with all of the things a grants management solution should, such as tracking grant status, processing payouts, and creating reports. It does all of these things—and more—within the context of the Microsoft tools you and your support staff already know and use every day, such as Microsoft Office Outlook.   The solution accelerator is free to download from CodePlex and includes installation files, code, and documentation.    Website:

Microsoft 311 Citizen Services solution accelerator

The 311 Service Center accelerator is an end-to-end integrated framework that streamlines the entire 311 system for servicing citizen requests, providing information, managing the back-office processing, and utilizing agency resources efficiently. Whether you are implementing an entirely new 311 system or upgrading an existing one, 311 Service Center accelerator can consolidate and modernize your systems and processes by helping to ensure full coordination among multiple communications channels and the departments providing services.     The solution accelerator is free to download from CodePlex and includes installation files, code, and documentation. Website:

Microsoft TownHall

Microsoft TownHall is an online tool that fosters, organizes, moderates, and houses online conversations, driving rich discussion around top issues and concerns. It is a place to ask, answer, and prioritize questions that are top of mind. The most popular or relevant questions bubble to the top, so participants can readily see timely topics at any given moment.  The flexible design of TownHall
provides availability using any Web browser and across multiple platforms, and the TownHall software is available at no cost. Because it’s hosted on Windows® Azure™, TownHall is ideal for people who don’t want to manage bulky technical infrastructure. It’s available using a pay-only-for-usage model, so customers don’t have to pay for unnecessary hardware and bandwidth that might sit idle,
nor do they have to worry about handling a crush of traffic around a spike in activity. Windows Azure will do the heavy technical lifting. A typical campaign or office holder can connect with more than 100,000 constituents, 24 hours a day, for pennies per engagement.   The code can be downloaded for free.   Visit the CampaignReady website for more information on TownHall and other CampaignReady solutions.

Microsoft Fusion Core Solution

September 11, 2001, fundamentally changed the threat and response environment in America. Today, to protect our homeland and to counter potential threats and criminal activity, government agencies need to take proactive action to prevent, prepare for and respond to crises. To this end, secure and trusted information-gathering, assessment, and sharing are critical across all levels of
government and the private sector. Information fusion centers have become the generally accepted solution, enhancing awareness, prevention, preparation, and response. Microsoft Fusion Framework is an integrated, holistic technology architecture for fusion centers, which can help you to enhance information-sharing and security by automating collection, intake, workflow management, collaborative analysis, data visualization, dissemination, auditing, and capture of business-performance metrics. With Microsoft Fusion Framework and Fusion Core Solution, agencies can
seamlessly move information from intake to analysis to dissemination in a multiple-agency, multilevel environment, while utilizing existing assets and integrating with domain-specific applications. This gives agencies the ability to take proactive action to prepare for and respond to crises and to counter potential threats and criminal activities.   Website:  Demo:

Microsoft Investigation 360

The Microsoft Investigation 360 Solution Accelerator enhances the ability of law enforcement investigators to discover, communicate, and connect critical information—helping investigators reduce the time between incident and arrest. It provides a dedicated workspace that helps investigators visualize information, understand relationships between points of interest, and discover important new information. With Investigation 360, people associated with an investigation—whether an analyst in the office or a detective in the field—can share information immediately and bring those around them up to speed for a more collaborative environment. For more information you can download the Investigation 360 datasheet or contact   Website:

 Microsoft Corrections Solutions

Offender360 for Microsoft Dynamics

Offender360 is built on Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM platform to provide correctional and other public safety institutions with a scalable, cost-effective tool for managing offenders.  Offender360 is a solution offered by Tribridge, a Microsoft partner.  Website:

SAVIN360 Victim Notification System

InfoStrat, a Microsoft Partner,  developed the SAVIN360 Victim Notification System to help correction agencies manage contacts and alerts when offenders are transferred or released. State departments of correction and county jails must deploy a system for notifying victims, constituents, law enforcement officials and other stakeholders when an offender’s custody status changes.  Website:

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