The Rust Genesis Warzone is a modded community RUST server that I am currently hosting.

This server is running multiple modifications to enable a very fast time to build and fight experience. When you spawn you will have immediate access to weapons, clothing, and tools to jump start your experience. You will also have full health, food and water. The gather rates have been greatly increased so you can quickly build up your base and craft additional weapons, tools and armor. Additional modifications include friends lists, disable friendly fire, clans, teleportation, large item stacks, enhanced airdrops, kill streak rewards, quick crafting, and quicker smelting / cooking.

There are very few rules to this server, but violating them will result in a ban.

  • 18+ only
  • No racism
  • No hate speech

Last Wipe: 3/16/2017

If you also play Ark Survival Evolved on Xbox, I host a server called The Ark Genesis.  You can find out more information about that server here.

You can leave feedback below if you need to contact the server admin.

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